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Their goal, however, was not freeing the animals, but restoring order to the zoo. COMIC : The Arkwood Experiments The Doctor later took the Brigadier's godson Albert to a London zoo, where the young boy made his way into a tiger 's cage; the Doctor rescued him, then later helped pay for a larger enclosure for the tiger.

TV : The Ark. Martha Jones requested to be taken to a zoo when allowed to choose her destination. Unfortunately, the request offended the Tenth Doctor. Nevertheless they did end up going to the Museum of the Last Ones which retained the last examples of several endangered species from Earth.

There were no zoos on Traken. Nyssa was shocked at the idea of keeping animals in cages. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Louis never quits—which is what allows him to find his best friend, Sam, his true love, Serena, and his many talents, including his trumpeting. Swan Song Like the rest of his family, Louis is a trumpeter swan. But nothing seems to work. Then his father steals him a real brass trumpet.

Is a musical instrument the key to winning Louis his love? Celebrated poet Susan Musgrave weaves the purity, strength and sweetness of love with simple joys from nature experienced through the seasons. A perfect read-aloud, this poetic board book will foster warmth and closeness with the littlest ones in your life.

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Whale would make bubbles shoot from her spout. Boa would give her hatchlings a hug. Gorilla would snuggle his child to sleep. And across the animal kingdom, every creature would show love in a special way.

Through with the Zoo - Goat has always dreamed of having his very own space. But Goat lives in a petting zoo, surrounded by hugs and rubs and grabby little hands. Determined to find his perfect alone space, Goat escapes into the big zoo. But space is not an easy thing to find, in this humorous picture book from Jacob Grant, Through with the Zoo. Beauty and the Beast - Originally published in , this luminous reissue of an all-time favorite fairy tale will attract an even wider audience with its romantic new jacket and a shortened text.

Exquisite illustrations of Beauty and her mysterious suitor, the Beast, are set in a magical castle where animals dressed in period costumes serve them. This Little Hamster is a fun and playful new take on a book about color. The spirited hamsters celebrate their eclectic collections of colorful objects in unexpected combinations in clever, rhyming couplets.

The spare, consistent illustrations allow for easy identification of each item, facilitating the assembly of our own colorful objects. This Little Hamster is a spirited playful board book for babies and toddlers. Rhyming couplets and cheerful illustrations will capture the interest of both child and adult readers. Destined to become a contemporary classic, this book has spare text and sweet illustrations but contains only five words: apple, pear, orange, bear—and there. Emily Gravett creates clever variations on this theme by rearranging the words—on one spread, a brown bear juggles an orange, apple, and pear; on another spread, there is an orange-colored apple and a pear-shaped bear.

Simple and compelling, children will enjoy reading this book over and over again as they learn many different concepts.

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Silly animals star in this lively board book that introduces colors in a unique and catchy way. Have you ever seen a zebra wearing pink polka dots? Or a penguin with bright yellow boots? Brother and sister team Jonathan and Victoria Ying present these surprisingly colorful animals and more in this clever celebration of colors. The Artist who Painted a Blue Horse - Every child has an artist inside them, and this vibrant picture book from Eric Carle will help let it out.

The artist in this book paints the world as he sees it, just like a child.

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Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings - This charming introduction to colors, shapes, and animals has been delighting children all over the world for ten years! Chomp Goes the Alligator - From 1 New York Times bestselling novelty book creator Matt Van Fleet comes an irresistible picture book about a very hungry alligator who likes to chomp, chomp, chomp, which will delight readers as they learn animal names, colors, and counting. Along came the alligator, chomp, chomp, chomp! Ten touchable textures, a sturdy chomping pull tab, and a grand finale pop-up are sure to engage the youngest readers.

My First Busy Book - From beloved author-illustrator Eric Carle, this brand-new busy book is filled with touch-and-feels, lift-the-flaps, mirrors, and more—sure to endlessly entertain your little ones!

Each page features a different concept, from numbers and shapes, to colors, animals, and sounds! Come on a bedtime adventure with one little knight as he rides through forests to reach his bedroom, battles crocodiles to brush his teeth and climbs the tallest tower to get into bed.

Introducing Bizzy Bear, the busiest bear on the block! With chunky sliders to push and pull, these robust little board books are perfect for active toddlers. Rich in visual detail and with touches of humor, they are set to become firm favorites in the family library. Toddlers can help him count the ducks, feed the goats, and f ind the eggs before he waves bye-bye. She walks under the giraffes, over the sleepy crocodiles, past the enormous elephants and the chattering monkeys.

But despite all the cunning plans by Lion, Little Red outsmarts him and soon has him saying sorry and eating doughnuts instead. Or a duck family that decides to make a swimming pool their pond? Each story, based on real patients, highlights a kid discovering a wild animal in need and helping it on its journey to recovery. Woven with fascinating animal facts and tips for helping wildlife, the book encourages us all to become wildlife rescuers helping humans and animals to be good neighbors.

She just drifts in and stays, becoming the friend of a young Cree boy.

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The boy and the dog set out on an adventure that ends in a quandary of quills and a big brother who swears to take revenge on the porcupine. But Lindy, a Cree elder and master carver, reminds the brothers of the importance of the great porcupine. After a day spent carving in town, the boy learns some truths about human nature and realizes that sometimes, like the porcupine, you must put your quills up to keep from getting pushed around.

Soapstone Porcupine is the second book, after Soapstone Signs, narrated by a young Cree boy. Only someone who knows about stories can point them in the right direction, so they consult Miss Butterworth, the Ninja Librarian. Along the way they encounter raccoons who are definitely NOT badgers in disguise, a really REALLY long traffic light, a rabbit in a prickly coat, and a banana-eating hammerhead shark, all leading to a showdown with the badgers. Can the kids think fast enough to save the king from being shot out of the biggest water rocket in the world?

After you read this adorable bedtime book, you definitely will not take counting sheep for granted! Super cute premise, adorable illustrations and a great lesson to be appreciative of those helping you, be they real or imaginary. This book also gets points from me for having a diverse main character. Finding the perfectly peaceful replacement for sheep might not be so easy after all. With irresistibly adorable art, this delightful take on a familiar sleep tactic is sure to become a bedtime favorite.

A rare gem. Some sleep peacefully alone, while others sleep all together, huddled close. Il Sung Na makes his American debut with this gorgeous bedtime offering. While each animal rests in its own special way, little ones will also drift off to a cozy sleep. Good Night, Gorilla - A must-have board book for all babies.

Good night, Gorilla. Good night, Elephant. Or are they? Good night, Giraffe. Good night, Hyena. Hedgehog sniffs for mushrooms, Skunk nibbles at berries, Frog croaks, and Cricket sings. Could the daytime be nearly as wonderful? Mama Owl begins to describe it to him, but as the sun comes up, Little Owl falls fast asleep.

I could read this book night after night.