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He transferred to East Mississippi Community College , where he spent one year. In his lone season with the Lions, he started 12 games and threw for 3, yards with 47 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Kelly played in his first game with Mississippi on September 5, , against UT Martin and completed 9 for 15 pass attempts for yards and two touchdowns while adding a yard rushing touchdown. In the 43—37 victory over No. Although he completed of passes for passing yards and three passing touchdowns, Mississippi lost to Arkansas, 52—53, in overtime.

Kelly also led the team with 73 rushing yards on 10 carries.

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His 4 passing touchdowns tied a Sugar Bowl record and were most ever by a Rebels' quarterback in the Sugar Bowl. Kelly finished his first season with Ole Miss with of He also accounted for 10 rushing touchdowns while appearing in all 13 games. Kelly returned for his senior season in On November 5, , Kelly suffered an injury during a 37—27 victory over Georgia Southern.

Kelly was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the seventh round, rd overall Mr. Irrelevant , the last selection in the NFL Draft. Going into mini-camps for the season, he would compete with first-round draft pick Paxton Lynch for the backup quarterback role behind newly acquired Case Keenum.

On August 13, , Kelly was promoted to second team to act as Case Keenum's backup.

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On October 24, , the Broncos released Kelly following his arrest on suspicion of first-degree criminal trespassing. On May 20, , Kelly signed with the Indianapolis Colts. Joseph's and Mallard Creek High School. In December , Kelly was arrested following an altercation outside of a Buffalo, New York , nightclub in which he fought with bouncers and resisted arrest. Criminal charges were dropped in exchange for his plea of guilty to disorderly conduct , and he was ordered to complete fifty hours of community service.

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  • The Clarion-Ledger. Retrieved December 3, The Buffalo News. Retrieved August 15, Joseph's Collegiate of Buffalo tops Monsignor Farrell, ".

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    San Diego Union-Tribune. Saturday Down South. Her vision snapped to focus when she heard the splash again. The creature was beyond the poor reach of their lamp, but she could hear its size—the front end slapping the water first, then the back. Like William said, as long as a man. But maybe wider. Beyond reason, she expected a bloodhound to come flying from the water, teeth gnashing. A giant frog. To the beginning. An omen after all. Ripples fluttered in the lamplight. Then a frothy splashing showered them.

    Lottie screamed, but did not close her eyes. She wanted to see the thing.

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    A silhouette sharpened in the water, like giant fingers stretching, or a black claw. Her hands flew to cover her eyes, but she forced her fingers open to peek through. The creature churned the water, tossing its massive body. Lottie screamed.

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    The creature flipped, its eye gone. Was this its belly? Pale beneath the water, smooth as glass. Too big to be anything she could name. She sat as far back as she could from the water, her arms locked around her knees. Her bones trembled as she rocked. And now. But a warrior slays him. Had that come of touching it? William clasped her upper arm and squeezed.

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    His face wore an eerie grin. They scatter. The village is saved. He laid his head across her belly, and she breathed him up and down. Lottie tried to summon words to bring sense to him, but she had no strength to speak. And it would come to take her next. It would tear the baby from her and scatter its limbs.

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    Uncle Jim had bargained his freedom with a curse. He had sacrificed them. She felt dizzy enough to faint, but she could not. Could not. Lottie kept her mind awake by counting off in her head as she waited for William to pop up from the water. William could hold his breath a long time. Showing off for her. She tried calling both of his names.

    After a time, fingers shaking, she lit the second lamp too. His absence only grew brighter. The water lay still and silent. How could she have let William go? Just beyond her haven, something was moving—a steady gliding from one side to the next, back and forth. But even bleary-eyed, confused and sick with sorrow, Lottie knew the sound was not from William. No man could glide so quickly or make such a sound. Watching her? Preparing to make her and her baby its next meal? How had she forgotten her knife? She prized the ivory-handled penknife William had given her as a wedding gift, of sorts, when they decided they would run.

    Their time in the woods had dulled the blade from too much hacking and cutting, but she still had it. The knife was all that remained of William now. Lottie grasped her knife and held it out like a sword toward the churning water. Like her, the blade was weak and small, but she wielded it as if they both had greater power. The thing in the water did hear. It swam closer to her, splashing water over the ledge in its huge wake.

    Lottie had not believed she could feel greater terror, but the advancing creature awakened such a childlike fear in her that she wanted to cover her eyes. The bulbous eye appeared again before the water swallowed the sight of it, much closer than it had been before. Gone before she could lunge at it. Then came a wet slapping on the stone as the creature hoisted itself nearer to her with shiny green-brown skin. It was not a claw, nor a human hand, but a large and sinister blending of the two that fanned across the ledge as if to reach for her. Lottie had no time to scream. She stabbed at the closest—digit?

    The creature howled, muffled under the water, and the limb retreated to escape her, snatched away. Lottie kicked the cursed tendril away from her, back into the black pool. Her laughter was not true laughter—just a desperate, gasping cackle—but the sound of it filled the cave. Then Lottie collapsed into sobs that joined the chorus of falling water droplets from above.