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Beth dropped her bags, took off her coat and shoes and just dived into the water.

She got to the girl, who had already gone under twice, and she managed to hold her head up and slowly guide her to the edge of the lake. A young man had seen what was going on and had rushed to help - he pulled the girl out and then helped Beth. As Beth lay on the bank, exhausted - she looked over to see if the girl was OK. Apart from looking quite pale and being out of breath the girl looked like she was going to be alright. Then she realised who it was - Mary Tyler! Beth couldn't believe it. Mary no longer looked like the big brave bully, but a very frightened girl who was crying.

Mary's "gang" surrounded Beth, but this time not to call her names, but to tell her how brave she was. They also told her they were very sorry for all the times they had been nasty to her. When Mary saw who had saved her life, she couldn't believe it. She thanked Beth over and over again for being so brave and for jumping into the icy cold water. Beth told her it was OK and for the first time in her life she felt six foot tall. Laura had spent the first week of the holidays at the Music College that she was going to join in the new term.

When she arrived home she couldn't believe the change in her Sister.

Just Being Me- A Short Film on Anti-Bullying-First Cut

She was now very confident and happy. Laura was even more surprised when she answered the front door to Beth's 'new friend ' - she couldn't believe it when she saw it was Mary Tyler standing there.

Brad And The Bully: A Short Story by Al Rhea

Beth was teaching Mary to swim and "she was doing very well," Beth told Laura. As her sister and her new friend walked off up the path to the swimming pool - Laura felt sure she would never have to worry about her sister being bullied ever again. She also had learned that it didn't matter how big, or small, you were, it was being there to help other when they needed you that made you brave - and only cowards were bullies.

Children Stories scared bullies punch. Mistress of Word Play. Hi Pat. This was so wonderful.

Loved the story and the way you presented it. So glad that our little girl was able to save her arch enemy and they became friends. You always write the most wonderful things.


I think my grandsons will love this one. Cameron is very sick and he stayed here with me today. Fever of degrees and throwing up. Wish I had seen this before my daughter picked him up he would have liked a story like this. Well they will both be here this weekend and they are going to have a treat.

Nicely written and a very lovely story. Giving it the good button. Please when you get time write more. I adore things like this. Susan :. So glad you liked it and really hope the boys do. So sorry about Cameron hope he will soon be fully fit. Thanks as always for your encouragement and support. Another good story and one with a message that kids can understand. You have a talent for writing stories for children. Well done. Thank you so muc for your very kind comments Brian.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read them. Gadzookziie Spice Very good Pat, I liked this one better than the dog story, more to it, edited better and a neat finish. I had assumed something like the pond incident was going to happen, but you wrote it so well it did not matter and besides, I doubt many children would second guess the outcome. I'm used to writing them myself so had the inside track on the finish. Nice one, will read more tomorrow. So glad you enjoyed it. I feel strongly that bullying a something that should be dealt with seriously by all schools. I rely liked this story.

It was detailed and realy good. Maybee it will inspire people to try to stop bullying.

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The Karma of a Bully

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Bully a short story

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