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Two officers obtained out of the automobile with their weapons drawn and informed the suspect to indicate his palms and get on the bottom. Miller then arrived on scene and his unleashed canine attacked the suspect, biting his arm, whilst the person was being guided towards the bottom with out resistance, the letter states.

Contact Privacy Policy. Press Mask. Home News Denver officer suspended for utilizing K9 on surrendering suspect, not turning on She had all the things he needed set up on a table right beside him and had put her pink fuzzy kitty cat eye mask on him. I said she would make the best nurse when she grows up and she said My bad. She does make the best fruit tray. I realized though , that she gets it without knowing. She is in the present moment with her daddy. She is taking care of his needs right now. Before and after each scan there is a period of waiting. And surrendering to the brilliant brains of these doctors that God put in our life on purpose.

After Mikes pet scan that Wednesday they called us back for him to have a lung biopsy early Friday morning. Mike and I surrendered the night before to my dads offer to come with us. Mike has had one lung biopsy before , two years ago.

Surrendering Images

We knew the procedure was risky. As I walked away from Mike , at yet another procedure, I surrendered again. I surrendered to trusting the doctors and nurses who were taking care of him. I surrendered to God , knowing there is nothing else I could do. Only in this kind of complete surrendering does peace come. I was grateful in that moment I had said yes and surrendered tomy dad who was there in the waiting room.


I was thankful we could talk about the ridiculousness of the political debates on the front page of the paper. Grateful to be able to find Gods grace in that moment to lighten the weight of the world I felt on my shoulders. This is when it becomes clear that God is with us as we surrender.

Kota and ALL the doctors , nurses, techs who keep pulling for Mike with all the odds stacked against him. Who answer our tireless questions , frustrations , and worrisome hearts.


Who keep us swimming through this sea of fear and grief. I find the longer we walk this road , that in those moments is where I continue to find enough Grace to keep me believing in something bigger.

Kendra Clinkscales Surrendering the Mask

When we are able to love these tough moments , the fear and uncertainties of the future seem to melt away. Only love is left. Thank you for all the extra prayers.

We believe with all we have they will pull him through this monster of an infection as well! FLM Friday. November 8, Fight Like Mike Friday.

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November 1, A thousand million thank you's. October 10, His original quest entailed recovering an artifact of great power -- an Hourglass -- from an Oubliette hidden by the Fae. Though there are many different theories on precisely why Valdir needed this object, it is widely agreed that something about the Hourglass or its components would allow him to strike down the Death Goddess, Eden, and recover Ophelia, his lost love, from the clutches of death. For months, Valdir held true to his word.

After much research, Dans determined that the sword wielded by Valdir was actually Souldrinker, a powerful relic of the Crusades that had been forged by the Swordmaker clan that purportedly has the ability to consume a victim's very soul. These killings continued until Griswold was able to reach an agreement with the Effendal House of Delfestrae; in exchange for an undisclosed favor from Griswold, the Crimson Snake and the Rose of Delfestrae performed a ritual that bound Valdir to a Soul Tether, leaving him stranded in the Mists.