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Bach was extensively engaged later in his life in consulting on organ projects, testing newly built organs, and dedicating organs in afternoon recitals.

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Bach wrote for single instruments, duets, and small ensembles. Many of his solo works, such as his six sonatas and partitas for violin BWV — , six cello suites BWV — , and partita for solo flute BWV , are widely considered among the most profound works in the repertoire. Bach composed a suite and several other works which have been claimed since for the solo lute, but there is no evidence that he wrote for this instrument. He wrote trio sonatas; solo sonatas accompanied by continuo for the flute and for the viola da gamba; and a large number of canons and ricercars, mostly with unspecified instrumentation.

These works are examples of the concerto grosso genre. It is widely accepted that many of the harpsichord concertos were not original works, but arrangements of his concertos for other instruments now lost. A number of violin, oboe, and flute concertos have been reconstructed from these. In addition to concertos, Bach wrote four orchestral suites, and a series of stylized dances for orchestra, each preceded by a French overture. As the Thomaskantor , beginning mid of , Bach performed a cantata each Sunday and feast day that corresponded to the lectionary readings of the week.

In total he wrote more than three hundred sacred cantatas, of which nearly two hundred survive. His cantatas vary greatly in form and instrumentation, including those for solo singers, single choruses, small instrumental groups, and grand orchestras. Many consist of a large opening chorus followed by one or more recitative-aria pairs for soloists or duets and a concluding chorale.

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The recitative is part of the corresponding Bible reading for the week and the aria is a contemporary reflection on it. The melody of the concluding chorale often appears as a cantus firmus in the opening movement.

Among his best known cantatas are:. In addition, Bach wrote a number of secular cantatas, usually for civic events such as council inaugurations. BWV , , , , not available in all editions:. The pieces are composed by J.

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Bach or by some of his children under his supervision at different times, frequently re-copied by students and compiled in different collections to be used as a basic teaching method to familiarize students with the different polyphonic styles. The expressive characteristics, harmonic equilibrium and the stylistic and formal varieties have guaranteed their dissemination testifying to the fact that they have been widely appreciated and studied by many.

I have, however, made some bibliographical references alongside the titles of each work. Below, in detail, the individual tracks that make up the preludes and fughettas , listed by their original title :. Tullio Forlenza. Would you ever consider doing the Organ Triosonatas? I wasn't expecting this video, thanks for uploading!

I see you have a taken a smaller piece as a break for the titanic work that was the St Johns passion.. Just asking, are the English suites on the horizon by any chance? The no 6 d minor is one of my favourite pieces of all time. Great job Gerubach, i remeber playing this ones in my beginings.

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Thank you very much. Some Cantatas for the next vid would be awesome. I've always loved the 4th above all the others. Thank you for your constant work to make Bach's music more understandable. If anyone comes out with a version played on an organ, I hope you will repost this. I believe in Toot Sweet :. Not sure if you're into video games, but the second prelude had actually had quite a bit of fame recently for being featured in Portal 2.

Walter Gieseking: Complete Bach Recordings on Deutsche Grammophon

Thank you! This were the first pieces of Bach I learned in my piano lessons. I immediately fell in love with his music. That is what makes Bach so special. He not only wrote for the experts and professional keyboardists but also wrote for his beginning sons! And it is all wonderful!

Hey gerubach, what else will you do next?