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Runaway Girl Escaping Life on the Streets

In the second grade, her stepfather throws her out the door in front of the school bus as her mother watches. One of 11 children in a rundown house in Coalinga, Calif. By 12, she drops out and rarely comes home. When she does, her mother drives her to a juvenile hall and leaves. The state sends her to group homes, but she always runs away, preferring the freedom of the streets, where she meets crack-addicted Natara, a prostitute, and Icey, a pimp, a pair who promise to take care of her.

After Icey is arrested for other crimes, Phelps is raped by older men who subsequently discard her.

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Finally, after stealing a car, she lands in the Youth Authority detention center. There, she meets her first mentor, counselor Ron Jenkins. Slowly and with setbacks, Phelps rebuilds her life and graduates from high school thanks to the perseverance of a teacher. She finds love and acceptance through the kindness of strangers who see her potential. Later, while earning a law degree and M.

A runaway and school dropout by age 12 who worked the streets for a brutal pimp, Phelps finally freed herself and is now a lawyer also working with a global collective helping survivors of sex trafficking rebuild their lives. This memoir, following hard on the heels of an award-winning documentary, is stirring some interest. Runaway Girl just might become such a book.

Carissa is brilliant. Shes changing our world for the better, not despite what shes been through, but specifically because of it. No child should have to endure what Carissa did, but thousands do.

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Her story is a testimony to the resilience of these children and the difference a caring individual can make in their lives. I meant to say " Nice review! I have this but haven't read it yet. Sounds like I need to get to it soon. I got it partly because I wondered if it would be considered inspirational to people who are similar situations or are dealing with the aftermath of similar situations so maybe I could recommend it to clients?

Wonderful, sensitive review! Although difficult to read, this books sounds both touching and inspiring. Wow, what a story. I think it would make me angry as well.

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I've recently read that it's actually quite healthy not to forgive too quickly. Too bad there aren't more people in the system like the man who helped Carissa. I heard about this one, but I shied away from it only because it reminds me of my own childhood.

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I was saved from having to endure prostitution and some of the other horrors she mentioned, but that's because two very unlikely guardian angels took me under their wings. After reading your review though, I want to read it now. Oh, my goodness. I don't know if I could read this one because I find I get wicked angry when children are abused or other types of horrific acts occur on people. I cannot stand it.

This, this is the stuff that keeps me up late at night and I worry about all the kids in the world. It is an inspiring true story about finding the courage to run toward healing and summoning the strength to light the way for others.

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Language: English. Subjects: Phelps, Carissa. Runaway children -- California -- Biography. Sexually abused children -- California -- Biography. Prostitution -- California.