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Il nostro web shop e la nostra app Wunderlich restano disponibili. The tops of the cases have always been a good choice for transporting additional soft luggage. Many touring riders therefore pack their travel bags, mats or tents, lashed more or less securely with a strap, directly onto the side cases. Not only are the fastenings often not secure but there is also the danger of damaging the paint on the tops and lids of the cases as the additional luggage and straps rub against them. This is especially true for the painted cases on the big BMW touring motorbikes. These are aspects that the product developers at Wunderlich have taken into consideration.

The result is functional luggage rails that allow luggage to be securely fastened into place without damaging the delicate painted case surfaces. In addition, the Sinzigers have perfectly adapted the basic idea of the luggage rails to match the high-quality design and style of the big BMW touring motorbikes: They mount on the original brackets very simply and securely without having to drill the cases. Thanks to the tubular steel structure, the luggage can be securely strapped into place. The luggage rails are permanently installed and are designed so that the opening handle of the case can be easily operated from above.

This means that the contents of the case can be accessed at any time and the cases can be removed if necessary if the luggage rails are not being used for excess baggage. This is extremely practical. Thanks to their integral design and high-quality workmanship, the luggage rails have a high recognition value and are a real eye-catcher. The practical rails are handcrafted from precision steel tubing. They are available in two versions: High-quality chrome-plated or powder-coated in black. Wunderlich supplies the luggage rails with a mounting kit and five-year warranty.

Small measure. Great effect. Everyone knows that: If you ride the BMW R GS or the R GS LC with the original luggage carrier for the aluminum cases in the rain, then the turbulent spray between cases and rear frame inevitably rages upwards from the rear wheel. It either wets the back of the driver or in pillion operation, the thighs of the passenger from below. If you move on gravel roads in Scandinavia or in Africa, dirt and possibly rock gravel are added. Wunderlich has developed a very easy-to-install cover for spray protection for the large BMW GS models, which closes the opening accurately.

So that neither spray nor crushed stones pass through. Even when traveling without cases, the covers provide noticeably better protection for the crew. The Wunderlich design subtly follows the line of the rear frame and the original luggage rack. Solid stiffening beads and form fitting integration provide high component rigidity and stability while reducing weight and the proverbial integrated design inherent in all Wunderlich components.

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The price of the covers set for the right and left side , which are Made in Germany, is Looking at the immense range that Wunderlich is offering just in time for delivery of the first BMW R RT, it quickly becomes clear: The Wunderlich developers have very clearly devoted the same ingenious passion to the RT as they did with the GS.

The same goes for model-specific luggage solutions and the comprehensive active and passive protection for the machine. Passive safety can be significantly enhanced with the modularly constructed, coordinated Wunderlich protection bars for the engine, tank, faring and cases.


Wunderlich products always stand for top quality, integrated design, sophisticated functionality, the best materials and careful manufacture and craftsmanship. And they kept their word! The GS impresses even in its series version thanks to its excellent touring capabilities, but the sophisticated components from Wunderlich make it a real long-distance marvel.

Rivenditore Ufficiale Wunderlich

The ERGO seats are utterly legendary, allowing enormous distances to be covered without fatigue, while touring screens and flaps provide the ultimate in wind protection for the driver and passenger. The handlebar, brake and clutch levers can be ergonomically adjusted to highly individual and changing needs, just like the foot rests. If the worst happens, the GS offers demonstrable all-round protection from costly damage.

To assist with this, Wunderlich has developed its own engine protection bar complete with extension, which very effectively protects the new ShiftCam cylinder head. Whether it be for navigation or to enhance the look, an additional headlight or headlight guard, additional mirror or additional trim panels, the components from Wunderlich impress and satisfy every requirement.

Even now, in parallel with the delivery of the first available machines, Wunderlich is offering an immense selection of components to match the new BMW R GS!

Other components are currently undergoing testing and development. The entire product range can be found at www.

And no sooner is the travel damper launched onto the market, but the Sinzig-based company is already offering its first components for it. The RT impresses even in its series version thanks to its excellent touring capabilities, but the sophisticated components from Wunderlich make it a real long-distance marvel. If the worst happens, the RT offers demonstrable all-round protection from costly damage.

To assist with this, Wunderlich has developed its own engine protection bar, which very effectively protects the new ShiftCam cylinder head. Even now, in parallel with the delivery of the first available machines, Wunderlich is offering an immense selection of components to match the new BMW R RT! Every now and then, the airflow ends up giving both riders and passengers a right battering.

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Thanks to the ideal aerodynamics and the clever, extended flaps on the sides, the windscreen even works in the entire shoulder area and around the underarms. The wind protection cuts a convincing figure with clearly defined flows. The robust screen is made of visually clear and petrolresistant PMMA plastic with material thickness of 5 mm.

It is extremely sturdy, solidly attached and is easy to assemble. Wunderlich provides a five-year warranty, and a German type approval ABE is also included. The Wunderlich lever also features a special highlight: a gear changing adjusting mechanism, which permits long shift travel for comfortably gear shifting with large offroad boots as well as short shift travel for onroad use. The centre stand on the motorcycle is an extremely helpful optional feature. Wunderlich, the No. The favourable leverage does more than make jacking the as easy as possible.

It also means that the bike stands as steady as a rock. The stand, made of a powder-coated steel tube, is assembled at the original attachment points and offers maximum security with a double spring assembly. Wunderlich provides the five-year warranty as usual. The black, solid-dyed protection made from highly durable, scratch and breakage-resistant ABS plastic increases the very small original hand protectors, multiplies their efficiency and therefore not only creates a discreet and effective, but also visually highly appealing form of all-round protection.

The design impresses in terms of its effect, its perfect fit and the rounded, perfectly finished edges. Installation is simplicity itself, and no entry is required in the vehicle paperwork.

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The set for both sides comes with installation instructions and a five-year warranty for Euro The extenders are completely Made in Europe. The seats fit all R nineT models, excluding the racer. One thing that all seats have in common is a painstakingly crafted foam core with a special material structure and a new contour, as well as a brand-new shell.

The progressive two-layer structure with a soft top layer and a rigid core guarantees even distribution of forces, thus guaranteeing optimised weight distribution across the entire seat and relieving the pressure on the coccyx. All of the seats come in the colours black, brown or classic orange as an option.

They are all completely made in Germany, and Wunderlich offers a five-year warranty. Summer is well and truly here — the summer sun is blazing in a clear blue sky and sending temperatures soaring. The quality bag is completely free of PVC and food-safe. It fits perfectly in a tank bag or seat bag and keeps drinks, fruit, chocolate bars and much more besides refreshingly cool for a longer period of time. This cool offer is available from now on to the start of the autumn on 23 September while the substantial stocks in Sinzig last for the following parts from the Wunderlich range:.

At the same time, the motorcycle accessories specialist Wunderlich is already showing off its powerful product range for the attractive two-cylinder enduro all-rounder. The is actually a universal motorbike designed to suit all purposes. You can head off on your tour with customised tank bags and the practical seat and luggage rack bags; the sophisticated engine and tank protection bars, meanwhile, keep the asphalt at a distance should the worst happen, and the water cooler protection keeps the cooling unit intact during more than just fun offroad rides.

The special highlights of the Wunderlich range are the windscreens, which are already available in different versions. Since the extensive product portfolio for the series is readily available, the BMW specialists from the Rhine region are proving their expertise in motorcycle accessories yet again.

Tra i fan BMW accorsi ha destato molto interesse anche la presentazione del nostro pilota Dirk Thelen. Il suo film e la successiva sessione di autografi al nostro stand sono stati dei veri e propri highlight. Desideriamo ringraziare di cuore tutti i visitatori e gli amici che, nonostante qualche goccia di pioggia di troppo, hanno reso questo incontro ancora una volta un evento fantastico. Noi ci saremo!

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As much as motorcyclists are thrilled when the superb summer weather arrives, the sunshine landing on the instruments often makes them difficult to read and casts a cloud over riding pleasure. But Wunderlich, the No. For almost every current BMW model, the german company offers an effective cockpit glare shield, which is simply clipped onto the instruments and prevents glare thanks to its sophisticated shape. The shield also significantly improves the rather drab-looking appearance of fittings and protects their plastic from bleaching.

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The covers, which are made of black, UV-resistant ABS material, are carefully made for a perfect fit and are reliably and stably held in place even at high speeds due to a clip system.