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Marine tourism, traditionally associated with cruising the high seas, coastal waterways or rivers, is also diversifying. Small day-tours including kayaking, scuba-diving, beach foraging, and island hopping; wildlife-based tourism e. Nearly all Arctic and high-latitude tourists, marine or otherwise, visit the region to experience the natural resources and cultures of these places.

Tourism can provide many direct benefits for tourists, destinations, and destination residents, and many indirect benefits for natural resource protection, cultural sustainability, and global society. Paradoxically, tourism can also damage the quality of natural resources, jeopardize the integrity of cultures, and endanger tourists and community members.

Polar Tourism

Whether tourism will be a pillar of or impediment to sustainability in the Arctic depends in large part on the actors participating in Arctic tourism management and administration and the actions they take. Joan Marshall. Bridging the Strait. Copthorne Macdonald. Planning the Megacity. Christopher Silver. Borneo Trilogy Sarawak: Volume 2. Ray Hilborn.

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Lyster's International Wildlife Law. Michael Bowman. Environmental Change in South-East Asia. Raymond Bryant. Chye Kiang Heng. Breaking the Ice. Learn more. If you have previously obtained access with your personal account, Please log in.

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Polar tourism : an environmental perspective

Chapter 7. Michael Hall Search for more papers by this author. Book Editor s : Alan A.