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The cask used No. The suggestion was given and the rest is history. The unique label design melds a lightly-depicted antique photo of the Dartigalongue distillery's yard with the classic Armorik Breton dragon logo. The whisky was matured for 3 years in a refilled bourbon cask and spent an additional 2 years in the Dartigalongue Armagnac cask. At first some lemon notes and vanilla, followed by ripe fruits Mirabelle plums and elegant oaky notes. Licorice, with soft notes of pastry with almonds.

Elegant woodiness enhanced by peppery and fruity peach notes. Long and spicy finish. In , his son Joseph acquired a large vineyard in Salles d'Armagnac near Nogaro. In , his great grandson Pierre Dartigalongue created his Museum in Nogaro which houses all the archives of Maison D'Armagnac, including all correspondence since and a fascinating collection of Vieux Armagnacs in their original bottles, dated , , , , and They have certainly figured out a winning formula, as the overall experience has not changed much in all that time.

Of course, how can you go wrong by staging it in a great city like Atlanta, gathering around fifty of the finest seafood suppliers on the Atlantic coast along with a hundred or so different wine and spirits suppliers from around the world, and ask them all to bring their best samples to taste? This year we also had the pleasure of introducing Du Peyrat Organic Cognac for the first time to Atlanta and it was a big hit.

This year we ended up at a bar and restaurant by the name of Empire State South. It turns out they carry several of our Heavenly Spirits products and they were recommended by a half dozen attendees. The experience did not disappoint. Both were delicious and just what the Doctor ordered after a long day. To accompany our feast we both ordered a glass of Minerva, a good value red wine from the Southwest of France that we used to buy frequently as our house wine when we were living in Saint-Jean-de-Liversay, near La Rochelle.

This particular one, a from Chateau d'Oupia was quite good and brought back fond memories. All in all, it was a great experience and a good way to close out another busy business road trip in Atlanta. When asked to represent the U. And of course a visit to New Orleans couldn't be refused, as it would be my first. I decided to begin my stay familiarizing myself with the local area, locating the venues, and getting started on networking. Very quickly I noticed that Tales of the Cocktail had drawn large numbers of industry professionals from all over the USA and the world. I especially noticed quite a lot of Australians, many residing in the USA and working in the industry I later found out as bartenders, mixologists and retail clerks.

Continuing my walk through the French Quarter, it felt necessary to seize the opportunity to enjoy a Sazerac! I found the level of skill, knowledge, and attention to detail displayed by the bar workers throughout the French Quarter to rival that of the most well-known and respected cocktail establishments around the nation.

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In the French Quarter, the detail-oriented mixology was apparent in almost every bar I visited and there were several. By 6 pm Bourbon Street had begun to liven up — a little too lively for my sedate middle age — so I headed to a little cocktail lounge and Jazz Bar, RFs , located next to my Hotel on Dauphine Street, one block away from Bourbon, but a world apart in character.

The evening was spent talking cocktails with the Manager, Mackenzie, and proprietor, Andrew, whilst enjoying the head-turning jazz band playing on stage, the Meghan Stewart Quartet. At some point I found myself giving an impromptu Armagnac seminar at RFs. The seminar was held at the Fleur-de-Lis suite at the Royal Sonesta Hotel and set up much like a political debate, a little tongue-in-cheek event moderated by Derek Brown of Drink Company and Columbia Room fame.

The rules were set, cheering was encouraged, as well as clapping, stomping, whooping and chanting, and why not? Even we serious, high-browed brandy enthusiasts need a little whooping and chanting on occasion. Her defense of her category looked at the strict controls put in place in regard to the production of Cognac, combined with U. Her most memorable tactic, however, was to attempt to tear down the other categories: Armagnac is not well known it is known by the Best!

Jackson defended his category with quiet confidence providing detailed information into the production and aging of Armagnac, terroir, and explanations of the three Armagnac Crus. He delved less into sales figures, manufacture or historical significance.

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His presentation was simply based on the product, how it tastes, how it can be used, and how aging improves it. Brandy producers, which may not be possible elsewhere due to strict regulation. His defense of American Brandies went onward to highlight the qualities of all three other categories. If you were not representing your category, then which brandy would you rather be representing?

Of the four defenders — one of whom who was already defending Armagnac — one declined to answer, and the other two chose… Armagnac! So of the 3 available panel votes, 2 voted for Armagnac and 1 abstained, making Armagnac the panel winner. Vanilla might be one of the most difficult flavors to capture.

An essential flavor not only in baking, but in many great cocktails, vanilla-flavored products are often too sweet or too "fake" tasting. Navan liqueur developed a dedicated following during its tenure, and its absence has been keenly felt. Being the enthusiastic importers of Armagnac that we are, a few years ago we decided to address this desire for a naturally-flavored, sweet but not cloyingly so, vanilla brandy liqueur.

Together with one of our producers, Artez, we created Artez Arvani to fill that need. The color of Artez Arvani comes entirely from this maceration. Sugar is then added to create a liqueur perfect for mixing into cocktails, or even to be served on its own.

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Artez Arvani is a true artisanal liqueur. It is produced on a 30 acre estate in the Bas Armagnac region of France, in an area known as the First Cru. You have the right to obtain confirmation as to whether your personal data is being processed or not. If it is, you have the right to access your personal data and receive the information contained in this Privacy Policy.

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PDF Naven: Roman (French Edition)

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