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With Loon and Wing now leaving X to join the ranks of graduates like Waymo , Chronicle and Verily , we can turn our resources to new moonshot adventures, as well as our ongoing work in robotics , free-space optics and Glass. Congratulations, Loon and Wing!

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X, the moonshot factory News and insights from the team at X. Captain of Moonshots, X. X, the moonshot factory Follow. News and insights from the team at X. See responses 3. Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Common Loons are often caught inadvertently by commercial fishing nets, both on the Great Lakes and in the ocean. Acid rain can acidify lakes, reducing fish populations that loons depend on. Human activity, particularly motorboats, can disturb loons on breeding lakes. Ocean oil spills can cause die-offs on loon wintering waters. Scientists are monitoring satellite transmitters on loons to evaluate if and how they were affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Dunne, P.

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Pete Dunne's essential field guide companion. Evers, David C.

Paruk, Judith W. McIntyre and Jack F.

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Common Loon Gavia immer , version 2. Rodewald, editor. Kushlan, J. Steinkamp, K. Parsons, J. Capp, M. Cruz, M. Coulter, I.

Loon Chase – Environment for the Americas

Davidson, L. Dickson, N. Edelson, R. Elliott, R. Erwin, S. Hatch, S. Kress, R. Milko, S. Miller, K. Mills, R. Paul, R. Phillips, J.

Loon chase / written by Jean Heilprin Diehl ; illustrated by Kathryn Freeman

Saliva, W. Sydeman, J. Trapp, J. Wheeler and K. Wohl Waterbird conservation for the Americas: The North American waterbird conservation plan, version 1. Lutmerding, J. Longevity records of North American birds. Version Sauer, J. Niven, J. Hines, D. Ziolkowski Jr. Pardieck, J. Fallon, and W. Link Version 2. Loons Order: Gaviiformes, Family: Gaviidae.

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The Cornell Lab will send you updates about birds, birding, and opportunities to help bird conservation. Food Common Loons are expert anglers. Nesting Nest Placement The male selects the nest site. Behavior Common Loons spend a lot of their time working shallow waters for fish: swimming slowly and sticking their heads into the water to look for fish, then diving suddenly after their quarry with a quick plip! Conservation North American Common Loon populations are stable and healthy overall, and between and populations remained stable, and slightly increased in the U.

Credits Dunne, P.

The Loon Chase

Sibley, D. The Sibley Guide to Birds, second edition.

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