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Teacher's Pet Freeze Me a. Seduced Sexual Predator a.

Private Call (18+) Female police officer avenges the murder of an old friend. Crime - Drama - Erotic

Wild Things 3. Retrieved 3 February Williams, Linda Ruth Bloomington, Ind. Martin, Nina K CineAction, Volume 56, Summer July 1, , pages 44— Karagiannidou, Aneta Aristotle University. Palmer, R. New York: Twayne, Film genres. Lists of films by genre. Black Widow is soooo dull: pretty scenery, and Theresa Russell's talent for draining the life out of anything she's in.

Hence the title. When was the last time two actors embraced all erotic thriller like on a movie poster? I doubt Dragon Tattoo counts. I feel like Angelina Jolie might have been the last actress to really grab this bull by the horns Original Sin, Taking Lives. I'm really sad that this era of filmmaking is over, even though the genre is filled with junk. At least it's junk for adults. It was screened out of competition at the Cannes Film Festival. A married cartoonist named C.

Drood becomes involved in the cover up of a political sex scandal after his lover, Yolanda, a call girl, is found murdered.

~~ Erotic Thrillers of the 80s and 90s ~~

Bobby has betrayed his wife Helen with the exotic Yolanda, who takes him to a club where the patrons slam dance, violently crashing into one another on the dance floor. Bobby Nye, a former lesbian lover of Yolanda's, hires a hit man named Buddy to do away with Drood, who is also hotly pursued by the police. Drood ultimately comes to believe that Bobby and Buddy are the ones responsible for Yolanda's death. Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback.

Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Her caregivers, two very oblivious year-old teenage girls, were too busy gossiping by the nearby benches to bother themselves with the bubbly and all too energetic one-year-old they were supposed to be taking care of. As a result of such careless and thoughtless desertion by her current caregivers, little Addison Pilediah had taken it upon herself to find some entertainment to pass the time.

The town of Riverside Creek was set off into the far rural corners of America. It was a little town that was built upon a quiet village from the olden days. Long before modern civilization, Riverside Creek had been a fishing village and a dock for small merchants to gather. As the years went by, some of these merchants eventually decided to settle down and build their own homes by the island-like town. A long winding river surrounds Riverside Creek, along with a long line of hills that bordered the other side. Past the waters, there were forests and trees surrounding the settlement for as far as the naked eye could see, a humble haven for many species of woodland creatures to rest.

In this park in which Addison was playing in, the line of hills and trees were not very far away. In fact, the short distance between the girl and the wooded areas was a dangerous factor. The baby girl crawled slowly at a leisurely pace the very second she had spotted a squirrel running on the grass, a small acorn clasped tightly in between its teeth.

Addison let out a gurgle of laughter, clapping her hands in delight as she made her way over, following the creature as it ventured further into the woods. Not knowing where she was going and not that she actually cared, the surroundings of towering trees soon grew unfamiliar, an eerie darkness creeping over the canopy of trees as she crawled further and further into the darkness.

With each step she took, Addison was more and more distant from the urban jungle in which she called home, and nearer towards a foreign wooded wilderness.

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She had not known then, or even now when she had grown older, but a pair of shining predator-like eyes had been watching her movements with utmost curiosity. It was running further away from the bright clearing and into the blackened forest as the baby followed, giggling every once in a while in delight, not knowing her doomed fate if she crawled on. You see, a cliff drop loomed ahead, simply sending clueless explorers down to their demise had they not been more careful with where they were going.

This drop down from the edge was labeled as a dangerous spot due to its imprecise location and unstable earth. It was a sudden drop with no warning, simply a notorious death trap set by nature. When she thought she had finally caught on to the little beast, the squirrel made its way up a creaking willow tree, stuffing itself inside a small hole in the trunk. The girl was left disappointed and confused, large round doe eyes darting back and forth the area as she continued on, edging closer and closer towards the cliff.

Just as her hand touched the bit of air without land, a pair of cold hands wrapped themselves around her torso, easily lifting her up into the air before holding her safely in its arms. It was pure baby instincts, you see, to take a hold of whatever was in front of you. Her reaction was akin to that of being burned by a scorching torch.

He stood there, hood over his head as he waited for the baby to stop rather impatiently. Her unrelenting round blue-green eyes gazed into his shadowed features, gurgling noisily as she tried to grasp his sharp and pointed nose once more.

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When their skins touched, she did not flinch away like she did the first time. Instead, it was as if she was trying to imprint his features into her mind solely by touch and touch alone. He simply watched as her curious eyes scanned him over, smiling consistently and definitely more so than what was considered normal for an average baby. Such a filthy child. Instead of taking offense like she should have, she only smiled wider, eager to play with her hero even further. The man sighed, knowing that whatever in which he does would not be enough to stop this force of nature that came in the form of an unsuspecting child.

So he relented, allowing the baby to grasp onto his nose once more before he started his way back towards the clearing where she had come from. It was when they reached the imaginary line separating the dark forests and the bright grassy plains had the man finally placed baby Addison down onto the ground, snapping his fingers and creating the illusion of a butterfly out of snowflakes for her to catch. This tactic worked well, for the snowflake immediately gathered her attention.

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In a matter of seconds, her small chubby limbs were already fighting to go fast as she attempted to take hold of the floating whimsical toy, the man left forgotten. He slinked further into the shadows, the darkness blending well with his figure as he watched her crawl her way back to safety.

Where were you? With that, he evaporated into a cloud of black and green smoke, events of the day forgotten by one out of the two for many more years to come. Addison Pilediah, with her glorious waist-length honeycomb blonde hair, was too busy frolicking in the grassy front yard to bother, her pure white sundress spreading about in the wind as she danced amongst the flowers. That was the life she had as the only child. With no one to play with her, Addison spent most of her days alone in the front yard, talking to herself.

It was a rather pitiful fate to have no siblings to play with, and more often than not, Mrs. Pilediah would berate herself for not being physically able to bear another child for the family.

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In her eyes, Addison would always remain as the lonely little girl that could never have someone to play with during the golden years of her childhood. And that was what people in love do. They get married. The end.