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By Anna North November 6. Jean Carroll says Trump sexually assaulted her. By Anna North November 5. A black man faces death for murdering a white woman. A new witness says a former cop killed her. By George M. Johnson November 5. One of the most famous incidents of campus outrage was totally misrepresented By Zack Beauchamp November 5.

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Lockhart November 4. He needed a gender-affirming procedure. The hospital said no. By Tiffanie Drayton November 1. Lockhart October Zip Code.

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By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to the data transfer policy. For more newsletters, check out our newsletters page. Revenge porn is a tactic of abuse. All the near-total abortion bans passed this year have now been blocked in court By Anna North October NBC will now let former employees talk about sexual harassment.

The complicated story around Rep. West recently left a position as a senior design director for a shoe brand, but it does not mean he is slowing down or thinking about retirement. Who can I help? What else can I do? She said it, like Pride itself, had been co-opted and commandeered. To understand the words Bishop employs to describe herself is to understand Bishop herself. Feminine, Bishop argued, is often seen as docile, tame and meek. She likes women and sex and she wants you to know that about her. A military veteran, Bishop has lived in the South and Pacific Northwest. But it is New York City, she said, where her role as a provocateur feels most natural.

Not even in L. Something really special about queerness, broadly, in New York City is that we have to be more visibly out more often, just as a result of how the city works. If there is one thing Marvin Argueta — who uses they, them and theirs pronouns — is sure about, it is that they are, in fact, unsure.

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Yet wading through that murkiness of uncertainty, they said, they have discovered a kind of truth, and by extension a semblance of their identity. They remember having feelings for boys as early as middle school. Genderfluid describes a person who does not solely identify as one gender identity or another, choosing instead to have the flexibility to fluctuate between genders or express multiple genders simultaneously. Pansexuality describes a person who experiences attraction to people regardless of their sex or gender identity. Living on the outskirts of heteronormativity was a struggle where Argueta grew up, they said.

An immigrant, they came to the United States from El Salvador with their family when they were 7, planting their roots in the predominantly Latino Brentwood community in Long Island. Argueta became a Brooklyn resident in while enrolled at Baruch College. Why should I be put into a box?

Argueta feels most comfortable expressing their masculine identity, but said they were entertaining the idea of embracing makeup as a kind of first step toward more deliberate feminine gender expression. That might be as far as Argueta goes in changing their outward appearance, they said. Or it might not. That child, Kimberly Bliss, is now a year-old fiction writer and nonprofit worker living in Brooklyn. Adopted by a couple who found her at an orphanage near the U. Air Force base where they lived, Bliss was raised in the suburbs of Buffalo, N.

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She said she had always dreamed of living in New York City, and collected magazine clippings and pictures of the city, plastering them on her bedroom wall. As a teenager, curious and exploring her sexuality, Bliss joined the Gay and Lesbian Youth of Buffalo, where she connected with peers and attended information sessions.

An older lesbian, who ran a local gay bar called M. Comptons, would let Bliss and other youths run the coat check as a means of subtle exposure to the culture. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in , where she studied creative writing, Bliss moved to the East Village. In the city, she waited tables for cash and danced nights away at local gay clubs. It was a time when, Bliss said, being openly gay in the city was more common, but there was still discrimination against the L.

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Ten years ago, Bliss and her longtime partner, Maria, had a son, Mateo. Then in , the couple married, just days after the Supreme Court passed the decision that legalized same-sex marriage.


Gervich, who was assigned male at birth, went from small-town Midwest boy to a self-proclaimed nonbinary trans-femme film editor and homemaking spouse. And one description they hope to attain in the future: a loving parent. The two have been together for about a decade and were married two years ago at a farm in Hillsdale, N. Gervich was raised in West Des Moines, Iowa, and transferred schools when they were young because of bullying.

They responded to the bullying by trying to embrace masculinity. Gervich met their wife at an Oktoberfest party while attending college in Portland, Ore. That night, the couple stepped outside to take a cigarette break, even though they were both trying to quit smoking at the time. In , Gervich and Allison moved to Brooklyn to find better career opportunities and found a sense of belonging in the city. Gervich landed a job as an assistant editor at an independent media company and has fully embraced their nonbinary gender identity.

They are considering female hormone therapy, but they put the idea on hold in an effort to start a family. Am I really feeling this?

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Gervich thought of the adversity their child might face, but took comfort in the idea of being able to console them through experience and insight. Trust yourself.

And really listen to what your heart says because the world is filled with these competing voices telling you to doubt yourself. I remember feeling free.

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  4. At the time, Larson-Curry identified as a girl. He tried for years to live with the dissonance. Maybe, he thought, he was a tomboy. Then, when he became attracted to girls, he thought maybe he was bisexual. That what I was experiencing was something more. By , with the support of his parents, Larson-Curry began taking testosterone.

    About a year ago he began to see certain changes — his face became more structured, his voice a bit deeper. The effect, he said, was remarkable. This is who I want everybody to see. Larson-Curry said he and his wife who is a veteran and also transgender experienced a period of homelessness when friends they were sharing an apartment with, angry at their relationship, forced them out.

    When Waqas Jawaid considered the risks, to both himself and his family, of sitting with The New York Times to share his thoughts as a gay, partnered Pakistani man at odds with the Islamic faith, he first thought about his friend Sabeen Mahmud. She had become a well-known progressive human rights activist, and the founder of The Second Floor, a progressive cafe and popular queer-affirming space in Karachi aimed at fostering open dialogue. Mahmud was shot and killed in after hosting a debate at The Second Floor. Still, Jawaid has faced challenges. But as he entered his teenage years, he found himself attracted to men.

    With that question came doubt, and the realization that he had other questions. Why was he allowed to live in comfort while others around him suffered?

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