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Ivy claims that she does not need protection, especially from an Enforcer, but Christopher cannot stop himself. He soon finds himself in the middle of a fight between demons and mortals, determined to safe guard the vexing woman who has managed to stir his undead heart. If you love reading urban vampire fiction, then you should already recognize the name of Susan Sizemore.

This is one author that is not to be missed. The author holds back no punches. From the instant I began to read the prologue, I was unable to tear myself away. The storytelling talent of Susan Sizemore leaves me in awe! During this rest period Io expected to relax and take several fantastic photos in hopes of turning her photography hobby into a career. But shortly after she met Imogen at the GothFaire, Io found herself whisked back in time. The shimmering mist she had seen in the woods had been a portal.

Io ended up stuck in the year But when fate tossed a mysterious and strangely attired woman at his horse, Nikola became intrigued.

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Io could not help the feelings that Nikola stirred within her. Yet Io also knew what his murderous half brothers had planned for Nikola. If Io saved Nikola, what would be the consequences to the future? This story begins in the present, travels three hundred years into the past, and back to the present. I admit to finding the past quaint, but I totally agree with Io about missing all the luxuries that I have come to take for granted — such as toilet paper. Romance, suspense, and humor blend together smoothly to give readers a memorable afternoon. Since her birth Miranda Ellis has had an affinity with fire.

For her entire life she has struggled to control it. At the age of ten, Miranda made a mistake that cost her family their fortune. It had been an accident, but her father, Hector Ellis, refuses to let Miranda forget it. Her older sisters, Daisy and Poppy, are married and out from under their father's thumb. But Miranda is often forced to steal trinkets for her father to sell. After all, the man has already sold everything in the house worth a few coins. Now he is giving Miranda a choice: Marry the man called the Dread Lord Archer or be put out into the streets forever.

The right side of his body is deformed due to an "accident". He has been away from London for several years, searching for a cure or to help ease his pain. He knows it is selfish to take Miranda as his bride, but he feels drawn to her. He looks into her eyes and sees the reflection of his salvation.

Miranda can see him , the man, instead of a monster. Miranda can ease his loneliness and Archer can ensure that she never wants for anything. Titled men from Archer's past begin showing up dead and Archer realizes that he can no longer ignore his fate.

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There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that pints to Archer as being the killer, yet Miranda refuses to believe it. Archer refuses to tell her what the accident was that had deformed him, so she begins searching for her own answers. Archer must give in to the beastly nature he has struggled so hard to hide if he wants to keep Miranda safe. And Miranda must enter a world of dark magic and fire if she wants to save Archer's soul. It is hard to believe that this is Callihan's debut novel.

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The story is set during the Regency Era and has the dark flavor of an old Gothic Romance. Archer's mysterious past is slowly revealed, coaxed into the light by the curious and tenacious Miranda, and it is an unmitigated disaster. The heroine is audacious, especially when it comes to those she cares for.

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She is a strong-willed character and the perfect match for Archer. The author has a rich and vivid writing style that seems to clash with the darkness of the story's plot, making it all the more fascinating to me. I was hooked almost immediately and frustrated whenever I had to put the book down for even a moment.

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Kristen Callihan is destined for greatness! Knowing long before his death that he husband would not ensure her welfare once he was gone, Daisy has used her undignified talent for dissecting smells to create several successful perfumes. However, Daisy never sold the formula for her personal scent. While attending a gala one evening, she is one of the people attacked by a vicious beast. It is only by chance that Daisy survives. Lord Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup, has spent several lifetimes hiding his Lycan nature from society.

He is nearby when the screaming begins. The mad werewolf is gone by the time Ian gets to the scene of attack. He is shocked to find a survivor among the bloody carnage. To keep Daisy from revealing what had attacked her, Ian has Daisy taken to his home for care.

He used to be a doctor.

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Ian pledges to protect Daisy until the threat is neutralized. Ian is in self-chosen exile from the clan. His brother, Conall, currently sits upon the Lycan throne. Even so, the duty has fallen upon Ian to protect London from the insane werewolf. That means keeping Daisy close. Daisy seems to be the only one in the group without some sort of supernatural ability.

It is also up to Daisy to keep the peace, because there are hard feelings between Ian, Benjamin, and Miranda. This may be the second title in the Darkest London Series, but you do not have to read the first book to fully enjoy this story.

The first book is titled Firelight and tells the story between Miranda and Lord Archer. The third title involves the eldest sister, Poppy, who plays a small role in this adventure. Author Kristen Callihan has given more information on the Lycan background and the reader learns more about the Lycan hierarchy.

It is not a very pretty picture either.

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Backgrounds of all the major and secondary characters are well developed. The plot is solid and the writing style flows smoothly. This story owes me a night of sleep. Author: Lynsay Sands Title - The Lady is a Vamp An Argeneau Novel When Jeanne Louise Argeneau leaves work and gets into her car, the last thing she expects is to be drugged and kidnapped by a good-looking mortal; however, that is exactly what happens. Needless-to-say, Jeanne Louise is upset at first, but that feeling changes to one of curiousness. That is one of the clues of a possible life mate.

To learn whether he is her life mate or not would take a few days, so she decides not to try escaping just yet. Paul Jones works at Argeneau Enterprises. To do his job, the fact that vampires existed was revealed. But Paul was not told everything about his immortal employers. Such as they are able to read minds and control mortals. His five-year-old daughter, Olivia, is dying of cancer.

Livy means everything to him. Paul wants Jeanne Louise to make Livy an immortal and teach her how to survive. Falling in love with Jeanne Louise comes as a surprise. Paul and Jeanne Louise are trying to evade them until they can decide what to do. There is no real danger this time around and the story is predictable, but I believe it is still a good addition to the series and worth your time to read. There are a few cameos from characters of previous titles, but this remains a stand-alone story.