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A bright kid with super survival skills will employ the all the things that the lady dicribes to survive and fast and always listioning and mirroring the person so y ou seem very like someone you know already. Steering everything the way you want it to go without a bullet being fired so to speak. Allot is going on and things are moving very quickly yet you are calm cause your in control now. I lost my job of of 26 years. Started selling for major Ford dealer in 7 months broke the 35 yearold store record in monthly profit for cars sold. Not only was I selling the people were not even negotiating the price.

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Asking is part art and part science. Solid Face-to-face fundraising requires: A true understanding of your donor Composure during your delivery Listening more than talking Strong and effective body language 1. Understanding Your Donor A face-to-face solicitation comes at the culmination of you gradually deepening your relationship with your donor to understand his or her passions and interests.

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Composure During Your Delivery One of the most challenging things in an ask is managing your own composure and delivery while simultaneously listening for verbal and nonverbal cues from your donor. Listening More than Talking The best way to practice an ask is to videotape yourself performing a mock ask.

Strong and Effective Body Language Body language can betray you.

Practice truly makes perfect. Try these 10 tips to nail the face-to-face ask: Smile early and often. This helps you exude positive energy and confidence. Quiet your mind to become more present, sensitive and in the moment.

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Try to become as conscious of the world around you as you are of yourself. Stand or sit tall. Having bad posture will make you look like you lack confidence. Sit towards the front of your chair and lean in for the ask. Be physically accessible.

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That tells people you are unapproachable. Mind your voice inflections, speed of your speech, volume and tone. If your voice inflects to a higher pitch at the end of your sentences like you are asking a question you will not sound confident or credible. Freely express your gratitude. Thank you donor for taking your visit, for their prior giving and for responding to your ask when you make your ask, even if they say no!

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Be curious. Pretend you are a cultural archaeologist. Make intentional small talk expressing an authentic interest in your donor. Chat with them about their kids, vacations, or work projects.

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Learning these details about their likes, lifestyle and hobbies help you deepen your relationship. Give sincere compliments.

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To make a major impact, use your unique expression and change the way you influence others. Pamela Ziemann says 'speak from your true voice' to change the world, and I couldn't agree more. Book Details: Scroll below for more information about this book, provided directly by the author. Product description Use Your Voice to Make a Difference in the World This innovative approach will help you express your vision with clarity, confidence and conviction —— to naturally attract more supporters, and with that support see your dreams become reality.

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Product details Author Information Much more than a Communication Expert, Pamela Ziemann guides her clients to connect their inner passion with their outer cause.