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Easy-to-read language and illustrations on nearly every page make this series perfect for a wide range of ages. In the fifth book, an Gatos-Nueva profecia Han pasado varias lunas desde que los cuatro clanes enviaron una expedicion para averiguar significado de la nueva profecia, y ahora, el pequeno grupo vuelve a casa con un mensaje sombrio: los Dos Patas se disponen a arrasar el bosque y destruir asi Facil de leer, cautivador, magico, nos mueve desde el asombro constante al humor inesperado.

Nos lleva a planetas de verdadera confraternidady elevado nivel de civilizacion. Alli encontraron al oso que despues de ver a la muchacha se sintio satisfecho. Ninfa no sabia como pedirle permiso al principe Oso para que la dejara ir a ver a su familia. Quisiera que me dejaras ir a ver a mi padre y a mis hermanas.

Se empezaron a burlar de ella, celosas de las ricas alhajas y los costosos vestidos que lucia. Mucho se asombraron las hermanas. Entonces dijo la mayor:. A la noche emborrachas al principe. Luego que se duerma lo amarras y le tapas la boca. El tampoco sabia donde estaba el Castillo, pero le dijo a Ninfa:. Pero ten cuidado, no sea que la Luna ande enojada. Tambien yo te voy a dar una nuez, si te encuentras apurada la quiebras. Tu que tantas cosas sabes, de seguro eso tambien lo has de saber. Yo te podria llevar, pero ya es tarde, y tu sabes que a mi no me dejan salir de noche.

Yo nunca he visto un baile Yo nunca he visto un baile tan bonito. El principeseguia platicandoy no se fijaba en Ninfa.

El Principe (Spanish Edition) (Spanish, Paperback)

This is perhaps a reference to it. Yonder is the moon, Eating her prickly pear Throwing the peelings towards the lake. Once upon a time there was a very poor woodcutter who had three beautiful daughters. Of the three girls, the youngest was the most beautiful. One day the woodcutter went into the forest and was chopping down an oak tree when a very large and horrible bear wrenched the axe from his hands.

If you kill me, my little girls will starve. You have to give me one of your daughters in marriage. The woodcutter didn't know what to say or do. Finally the thought of dying and leaving his daughters destitute forced him to agree to the Bear's proposal. Next day Ninfa and her father went into the forest where the Bear was waiting for them. After seeing the beautiful maiden, he was satisfied. Ninfa, however, said to the Bear, "Senor Oso, my mother always taught me that in all things I should always follow God's law.

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  • If I must marry you, I want to be married according to the Catholic rites. The Bear agreed, provided a priest could come to the forest. The woodcutter went in search of a priest and soon returned with one. Ninfa and the Bear were then married.

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    In an instant the Bear changed into a handsome prince. He then told Ninfa, "I am an enchanted prince, cursed by a witch into being a bear by day and a man by night. You do anything you want around here on one condition, that you never reveal that I am an enchanted prince. Days followed days and Ninfa felt a desire to go and visit her family in the village. However, she didn't know how to ask the prince for permission. Finally she mustered enough courage and said to him. I wish you would let me go to the village to see my father and sister.

    It isn't far, and if I leave early enough I will be back before it gets dark. The prince did not want to let Ninfa go, but the girl insisted so much that he finally consented.

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    However, he make her repeat her oath never to reveal the prince's secret. Next day Ninfa got up early. She dressed herself richly and went to see her father and sisters, who welcomed her joyously.

    However, the devil, who never sleeps, soon filled the sisters with envy. They began to poke fun at Ninfa, jealous of the fact that she was wearing rich jewels and costly garments. So many times did the sisters repeat this, that finally Ninfa lost her temper and revealed her husband's secret.

    El Principe Caspian (Narnia) (Spanish Edition)

    The sisters were deeply amazed to hear Ninfa's tale. The eldest one then said:. What you have to do is easy. Get him drunk tonight. When he goes to sleep, tie him up and gag him. As soon as day breaks and the prince wakes up, he will not be able to say the magic words and the enchantment will be broken. Then you will have a husband with a human form forever.

    Ninfa returned to the bear's cave and that night did everything her sister had suggested. The prince awoke the next morning, and imagine his surprise at finding himself tied and gagged! To break the enchantment and live happily ever after, we two had to live happily married a year and a day. Since you have disobeyed me, you are going to have to look for me. You will not find me until you locate the Castle of Faith. Saying this, the prince vanished and Ninfa was left alone.