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War is coming, but who's fighting for Manna? Lynn is the newest addition to Rubicon Fiction, and she loves reading and writing about hot men in love. Labels: Age of Exilum , angels , book 1 , Demon or Angel , demons , fantasy , gay , lgbt , Lynn Michaels , mm , new release , paranormal , romance , series. Labels: Adrienne Wilder , dark fantasy , editor , fantasy , gay romance , horror , mm , new release , NOX , paranormal , romance , Sharon Stogner , shifter , urban fantasy.

To level up the smut. We are a team of Sultry Gay Romance writers who focus on detailed, toe-curling, and realistic smut scenes with a fair share of dirty talking Oh, boy. Our readers admire and acquire books that feature thrumming heartbeats and sizzling sparks between characters.

Characters who click. Unlike other authors in the genre, we write without the goal of publishing anything. Publishing is just the cherry on top of a cream-covered bubble butt. Well, some would say so anyway. After four years of reading terribly written romance in school, Quin decided to show them how it was done. Some would say an obsession was born at that moment.

An obsession that lay smoldering for several years until a spunky German muse decided to kick Quin back into gear. Writing homoerotic stories in German had never been an option. And so, at the age of sixteen, Perin began diving into the sexy English world of lust, desire, and love between men and hasn't looked back since. January 3, 35 pages After their screw up in Maine, Darren and Charlie are sent to Vermont to set up two hicks far detached from civilization.

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But things get a little more complicated and a lot hairier when Darren suddenly goes missing. What happened to Darren and will the cupid duo botch another assignment? Older Posts Home. And through all of that, she's facing her own self doubt and imposter syndrome that is only exacerbated by her unwelcome position. There's something very admirable about that resilience, especially amid the other traumatic experiences she's overcoming in her personal life at the beginning of the novel with her seemingly-crushed dreams.

Nava's also much more open about sex and attraction than a lot of characters.

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While that's not totally unheard of in Urban Fantasy that regularly features a love interest and sex scene or two per book, Nava goes a bit further. She's much more honest about her sexual inclinations and yearnings in a way that's refreshing in contradistinction to the tired trope of the innocent virgin protagonist who's just learned to love.

The novel really tries to capitalize on this as Nava's sex life is a bit central to the character study at several points throughout, especially in the novel's opening. Further, the sexual references aren't the kind of cheesy sterile observations you get in a lot of books where it's all just "he's so hot and clean and perfect," where every sex scene is "mind-blowing" with twelve orgasms per minute.

Instead, the sex is fairly realistic well, aside from some funny asides that I'd rather not spoil with the awkwardness and discomfort you might expect from some of the situations she gets herself into. Overall, the subject is important to the character's experiences and is accordingly treated with a good deal of attention and candor. My only complaint on the sex aspect in itself is that I think sometimes it takes a bit too much of a foreground and some of the other interesting things Nava deals with, such as her trying to succeed in the boys club of the Rashas, fall by the wayside more than it feels like they should.

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As well, while the sex is awkward and realistic, without going into too much detail so as to avoid spoilers, there are big exceptions to this where the novel devolved into the cheesy over-the-top omgsoperfect sex moments that I guess are just to provide some erotica element to the book. I skimmed these scenes and honestly think I could've just skipped them. I won't say too much on it, but I think Wilde does a good job of introducing a pretty diverse cast. I think she falls short of being especially successful with this some of it feels forced or half-assed, relying on stereotypes or making characters feel defined by their diversity rather than it being one of the character traits of a fleshed out character.

Still, she does a better job with that than most and it wasn't to the point it bothered me significantly. I think her attempt is worthy of praise, even if it could be improved. My biggest complaint with the book is that despite everything unique about Nava as a strong, sexually liberal, and independent woman, the book forces in some of the same annoying alpha douche romance that you see in a lot of urban fantasy.

At least in this book, the romance isn't too overbearing most of the time, and Nava's character isn't ignored during those moments, but it did result in some scenes I kinda just felt like skipping over and made me feel disappointed in Nava's character arc.

How Campy, Lesbian Vampire Movies Showed Me What Queer Adulthood Could Be

I suppose I see why it's here as it's a trope a lot of readers expect. I just think the story would work much better without it. As a smaller stylistic quip, a lot of the blocking in the novel was confusing to me. The descriptions of where the characters are is usually very brief and makes it hard to keep track of where they are and even who all is there.

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Characters often walk on and offscreen very abruptly and several times I was surprised when a character started talking who I didn't realize was there. This did make the narrative hard to follow at times, but I wouldn't say it was so significant as to ruin the book or anything. Ultimately, I really enjoyed this book as an urban fantasy reader of late.

This delivered on a lot of things I go to the genre expecting while also giving me a lot that was fresh to change things up. It does fall into some pitfalls that I think it would do better without and the attention given to those aspects was enough to keep this from being 5 stars, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

As a heads up, in case this review hasn't been obvious enough on this point, I wouldn't recommend this book if you're uncomfortable with sex in books.

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I don't know that you'd make it through if so. If not though, it's worth a shot and I look forward to reading more. Apr 16, D. This novel has such a fun premise — Jewish demon hunters with a female protagonist? I totally had to give it a try. Nava is definitely not likeable and I tried really, really hard to like her.

I have one of those myself. But I found her sexual references crude and her obsession with sex was more than a bit out of hand. It made her seem less lost girl and more wa This novel has such a fun premise — Jewish demon hunters with a female protagonist? It made her seem less lost girl and more wanton woman. I was definitely flipping pages wondering where this was all going. To my disappointment and a whole lot of swearing on my part , the book just ended. Of course, I knew this was book one but the narrative stopped at a strange point.

Feb 11, Carro rated it really liked it. As others have said, she's not that unlikeable - though decidedly annoying if you had to live with her. Well put together story based on Jewish demon hunters so different background to usual Christian, or implied Christian one. I came across this looking on Amazon for what had been read by people who also read Helen Harper's Slouch Witch. While there are some funny bits in this, not as funny as Slouch Witch and unlike Slouch Witch it is sex orientated - explic 3 on enjoyment, 4 on well written. While there are some funny bits in this, not as funny as Slouch Witch and unlike Slouch Witch it is sex orientated - explicitly so.

I liked this enough, and liked the characters enough to wonder what would happen to them, but wasn't sure about buying the sequel. I've looked at reviews of the sequel, several of which said not as funny as the first book, so stopping at this point. May 08, Chachic added it Shelves: dnf , kindle-unlimited. I feel like the humor isn't my cup of tea. Jun 05, Damian Southam rated it it was amazing. The second novel, The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Sting, is currently available for a preorder release date, 26th June There is also a novella story, Book 1.

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As best I can tell it's currently only available to newsletter subscribers as an incentive to becoming a follower of Deborah's. A respective link is found at the back of book one, and given it opens a newsletter page from Deborah'd website its possible that it may well be accessed there without first having obtained the first novel. The mood of the series is described by Deborah as being a "Bridesmaids meets Buffy with a dash of the seven sins. The two shelves with the highest number of tagged subgenre categories on Goodreads are: Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Fantasy. Personally, I agree more so with the former than the latter.