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More colors. The two belief systems merged. The church turned witches, those that ancient peoples looked to for wisdom and medicine and made them into devil worshiping hags. It was believed that witches could turn into cats thus the black cat connection and other animals such as bats and spiders — familiars.

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More than , were accused of witchcraft with upward of 50, being executed — most via hanging, but those killed during the Spanish Inquisition were burned at the stake. The mixing of Irish and English customs — jack-o-lanterns, costumes, going door-to-door asking for money — led to the current incarnation of Halloween. Many young women especially believed that Halloween was the best day for divination and would often seek out fortune tellers to find out the names of their future husbands.

This mashup of traditions and beliefs across millennia led to witches becoming a symbol of a holiday celebrating the macabre. I personally love witches and witch stories. Witches fly in the face of societal expectation and convention — after all its always the young girl, the old midwife, the loner woman — who is accused. I see them as feminist symbols of power. It was this history and this media that led me to release the Coven Collection last year and I hope to expand on it in the future. Portrait of the Bard. It's difficult to write an introduction to the person who penned some of the most influential stories in the history of English literature.

In my own personal life and career, Shakespeare has had a profound influence. I have three perfumes inspired by characters from Shakespeare's plays - Capulet, Montague, and the latest, Weird Sister. William Shakespeare was born on April 26, - the feast date of St. George, patron saint of England. His father was a prosperous glover and landowner in Stratford-upon-Avon, a town that dealt primarily in the sheep and wool trade.

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His mother came from a wealthy family and brought a considerable dowry of money and land. By the time Shakespeare was 12, his father held positions on the town council, including bailiff which was essentially mayor. This is significant because at the time, all traveling theater troupes needed to obtain a license by performing in front of the council before they could play for the public. While there isn't much in the way of surviving records offering hard facts about Shakespeare, this is speculated to be influential in his pursuit of the stage, and could even have been a method of networking for him later on.

There are no surviving school records, but it is assumed that Shakespeare attended a grammar school but not a university - this assumption is due to the inspirations in his plays. Much of his work reflects the literature, history, and Latin standardized in the grammar schools of England but not the concerns of universities as reflected in Christopher Marlowe's work. Fun story: Marlowe is one of the writers some believe could have been the "real" Shakespeare. I cackled in the theater when he threw a knife at Shakespeare's portrait.

I think I was the only one. I bring this up because Shakespeare, and his father before him, spent much of his life trying to climb the social ladder and bring status to his family - education was a sore spot.

At age 18, the Bard married Ann Hathaway, a woman 10 years his senior. Atom feed:. Park Village director Favourite Colour: Black delivers his fourth music video for the emerging pop talent. With highly stylised provocative and beguiling dancing sirens, ouija boards and spells, Alice even bewitches and courts the Devil himself.

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