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Separovic, the camp's master tailor, photographed sewing at one of the new machines that have just arrived from the States. Benning, Major C. Voutarakis, a French physician. Francis B.

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Nokrashy Pasha. Frank S. Luckenbach at Gdansk. Rankine, M. Jarnefelt, wife of the Finnish minister in Warsaw, talking to infants in the Caratas school. Hind, M. Conant, Mr. Hynd and Mr. Jaroszewicz receives the family's food coupons to cover the period of their stay at the transit camp. Rakowska shares a cellar with her son and daughter-in-law and three small children in the village of Laski. Jaroszewicz received the family's food coupons to cover the period of their stay at thecamp. William Riddle being milked on dockside at Gdansk, with children waiting for milk.

Ocean Vulcan docks alongside Gdynia grain elevator with cargo of 8, tons of Canadian wheat diverted from the U. Kielce], lives with four children in a straw tilt leaning against the remains of a wall. Zakrzewska and her married daughter, Cielak, were forced to leave their homes and their husbands were killed fighting the Germans.

Stanley Mintek and Dr. Stanley Mintek and Mr. Army surplus property. Franciszek Litwin, proposed itinerary for visiting medical lecturers who are coming to Poland to give post graduate work under the sponsorship of UNRRA. Franciszek Litwin, Minister of Health, Poland. Stanley Mintek, Mr. Holle discussing with Minister of Health Liitwin and member of his staff, the shortage of medical textbooks in Poland.

Army Surprop being demonstrated in the "little ghetto" by Mr. Ralph Nelson of Union Grove, Wisconsin. Wholchy, Poland. Charles M. Drury and their two children on the occasion of the presentation, at the Children's Home in Warsaw, of an illustrated album, given in the name of all Polish orphans in gratitude for UNRRA's help to Poland Stanislaw Grabski's home. Drury standing beside the bust of himself, modelled by Hanka Grabski, at Prof.

Franciszek Litwin, Minister of Health. Sweden a refugee baby from Belsen Concentration Camp. Baranovsky, representative of the Ukrainian Republic signs the Agreement by which UNRRA will undertake to furnish relief supplies to his war stricken country. A at the Baltimore stockyards Dr. President Roosevelt called for American help for the relief of war victims abroad as a matter of military necessity as well as of humanity.

Famine in Sudan: The Human Rights Causes

Panama's Ambassador in Washington, Sr. Perry-Marshall, who put up the first three Bailey bridges ever released for civilian use, squints through the transit.

Yugoslavia war has taught these Yugoslav kids to take care of each other, but it hasn't helped the food problem. Yugoslavia clothing conditions at the outset of winter in Ljubuski, a village covered by the Nutrition Survey, Autumn, Yugoslavia Lika region, refugee children from Lepatch, now living in the second story of this house near Gospich. The trucks will then take them to the wholesalers.

Salvador A. Cazeaux, Telscombe Cliffs, Sussex, England, discusses with his foreman. Signal Corps. Devillers and Thomas, left to right, of the Belgium Red Cross, examining and treating refugee children in the infirmary of the Verviers Refugee Center. Army Transportation Corps during the final campaigns against Germany.

Army locomotives for the reconstruction of the rail systems in Poland, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia. Scandrett, Jr. Yu inspects the housing project completed in Changsha. Hengyang] cares for children. Marinella for the rehabilitation of children taken off the Rome streets. Cinecitta], literally a film city - Italy's Hollywood, located on the outskirts of Rome.

Field," S. Field" - Naples, Italy, July Army mules, in Italy, on their way to the port for shipment to Yugoslavia, November Orsogna] from the north of Italy where she had been sent by the Germans. Andrew J. Benny Skou unloads part of UNRRA cargo of tons of flour, tons oats, tons canned meats, tons macaroni, tons agricultural implements and tons asbestos. Poe at Cagliari port. Peter's on Jan.

Peter's, 26 Jan. Hall at desk confers with his staff. Fothergill, AC; Lt.

United States

Oldfield; Jack Bond, Camp Manager. LaGuardia visits the UNRRA shoe repair shop near Rome where refugees sort, repair and pack 3, discarded army boots a day for distribution to needy Italian workers. Giovanni, Milan. LaGuardia and Ing. Giovanni during his industrial tour in Milan.

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LaGuardia during his address to the Mayor and officials of the city of Rome on the occasion of the presentation to the Director General of a silver statue of Lupa Romana legendary she-wolf of the Eternal City LaGuardia as they study building plans, during his visit to housing project at Cisterna, Italy. LaGuardia in gardens at Rome's Campidolio. Dracopoulos and her two daughters, Joanna and Anastasia, shell beans in the partly rebuilt house of the Dracopoulos family in the village of Vlakherna, Arcadia, Greece, which was destroyed by the Germans in Half of the houses burned and most animals taken away.

Ruined houses in the background, Kalabaka, Greece. King; Buell F.

Peninsula], the southern tip of the mainland of Greece. Hagen and Charles R. Stylianos Municipality Infants Home, Salonika, where some babies are brought up with the proper care and medical attention. Anastasios Goulios, medical consultant at the Municipal Foundlings' Home in Athens, opens the foundling box at the gate. Herbert H.

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Lehman visits the St. King, Buell F. Army shoes are being sorted out, processed, mended and matched, to look like new in a workshop in Canningas Square, Athens, for distribution in Greece. Following is my reason. All XX in the first batch applied this rule, but was simply not in the first batch. Best regards, Clarence " Many thanks Clarence! Yu My links on the C C Chuck Lunsford wrote a book about his days as a radio operator onboard the C To email me, click on the image and write the correct adress as given below replace -AT- by the symbol.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is because spam has increasingly become a problem. This is the particular aircraft concerned: Phil Hawks contributed the following on the Taiwanese serial system: My links on the C Charles Lunsford is retired and finally able to spend some time doing his favorite thing -- writing. He has been married for 36 years, with two children and four grandchildren. He grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico with lots of famous writers and artists.